Warranty Conditions
Warranty starts on the date the product is purchased from SYNNEX.
Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited does not provide exchange or refund to products with the following conditions:

1. Product not in its original condition, i.e., there is a sign of burn, breakage, chip, dent, twist, crack, hole or scratch.
2. Product shows sign of inappropriate storage such as rust, oxide or liquid stain.
3. Product is damaged due to external factors such as power brownout, power surge, or lightning strike.
4. The original Synnex warranty sticker is not in such condition whereby the content of the sticker is comprehensible.
5. Product has been misused, undergone accident or show signs of unauthorized modification or repair.
6. The Company reserves right to provide warranty for product that has pen marks which could not be erased without affecting the condition of the product or the original warranty sticker.
7. Product is loss or damaged due to inappropriate packaging.
8. Product has no serial number, if applicable, or has counterfeit Synnex warranty sticker.
9. Product is damaged due to software or virus or operational system installed by customer.
10. Product with time-out warranty or is not damaged after inspection will be charged with service fee.

***LINK for check warranty KINGSTON***


**Remark: If the product is being sent directly to the Company’s service centers located nationwide, please ask for Repair Service Number or MT Number otherwise the Company will not take any accountability.
Samples of products not eligible for warranty

1. CPU Mainboard & VGA Card

2. Harddisk & Optical Drive

3. Memory RAM SSD & USB

4. Warranty Sticker

Warranty sticker must be in good condition, with no tear, fade or sign of amend or has been covered up so as that the warranty information is not visible. Additionally, the product serial number must also be intact and visible.

check Warranty

In Warranty expire date by Serial Number