The Company’s Board of Directors has established procedures together with setting up channels of communications to receive relevant information and to deal with complaints received from any Stakeholders; whereby various anti-corruption measures have been established to prevent any acts of corruption that are under the operating guidelines adherence by the Board Directors, the Management and staff, together with the ability to submit any complaints. If any person comes across any suspected improper actions, they can inform the complaint channel as below. The complainant must provide true information, not accusing others without clear and sufficient evidence, whereby the company has stipulated a measure for the protection of complainants. The company will keep confidentially in the information provided by the complainant or informer, as well as giving the full protection until the investigation process is completed. During this period, all the details will not be revealed to any other parties who have no duties in being involved with the investigation except as required by the applicable laws.
Channel 1 : A Letter by Ordinary Mail
Addressed to ''The Chief Executive Officer'' or ''The Director of Internal Audit''
Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, 433 Sukhonthasawat Road, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
Channel 2 : A Box to Receive Complaint (Red Box)
Only the CEO, who possesses the key, can open this complaint box.
The finger scanning area, 1st floor, Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited – Headquarter
Channel 3 : A Letter by Electronic Mail.
Internal Audit Department IA@Synnex.co.th
Management Department CEO@Synnex.co.th
Channel 4 : Website