Business Overview
The Company distributes computers, computer peripherals, software, IT system, computer consumables and Communication Device of over 60 world-recognized brands whereas the Company’s customer base includes countrywide computer retailers and wholesalers, major software solutions providers, local-branded computer manufacturers, department stores, giant superstores, and stationary shops, and etc.
“SYNNEX is committed to being a leading Thai company as well as to developing and growing its businesses to be strong and stable, together with incorporating a positive corporate culture and good governance practices and also in being responsible towards society and the environment, so as to achieve excellence in a sustainable manner”
  • Being committed to achieving customer satisfaction together giving importance to delivering quality products and services to satisfy its customers and clients.
  • Being committed to creating economic value together with delivering trust and confidence with regards to conducting its businesses in accordance with the principles of good governance, as well as to being an organization that delivers positive financial returns to all involved Stakeholder groups in an equitable manner.
  • Being committed to developing creative thinking and innovation, as well as to making use of the latest modern and advanced technology or applications in managing its businesses so as to increase overall business effectiveness.
  • Being committed to creating a knowledge-based culture within the organization, so as to engage all its staff in developing and growing together with the Company and also to facilitate a mutually happy work environment.
  • Being committed to paying attention to as well as acting in a fully responsible manner towards the community, society as a whole and also the environment, so as to achieve ongoing business sustainability.

The Strategy to remain in the No.1 position with regards to human resources, through being committed to developing our human resources on a continuous basis, in order that they will possess skills, knowledge, and capabilities so as to always be on top of the situation and in tune with the fast-changing and latest technology; as well as to attach great importance in taking good care, as much as possible, of the health and well-being together with the welfare of our human resources, so as to enable them to drive the Company to achieve further ongoing success.


The Strategy to remain in the No. 1 position with regards to both the IT products we distribute and the various IT services we provide, through selecting only the latest, modern and most innovative IT products that have world class-brand names so as to expand our products portfolio and meet the needs of consumers in this digital age; together with upgrading our services standards by providing a Total Solutions Service. As such, this is achieved though providing an Integrated Services Solution, that supports the current IoT Ecosystem, with teams of Certified Engineers, who possess the best capabilities to deliver IT products and associated IT services to our consumers and customers under the “Trusted by Synnex” corporate brand logo.


The strategy to remain in the No. 1 position with regards to our business operations, through having a technology and creative innovation Knowledge Base, which is a vital tool in adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for use in the management of our internal operations so as to increase our potential capabilities in distributing both IT products and associated IT services in a speedy manner that will create a competitive edge for our business operations.


The strategy to remain in the No, 1 position in the hearts and minds of all Stakeholder groups – namely: business partners, customers, consumers, investors and Shareholders, local communities and society as a whole, through relying on the close cooperation and collaboration on the part of our personnel; whereby this is a key success factor in creating business value – added so as to grow both in the domestic and the regional Indochina markets, together with conducting our business within the principles of good governance and corporate social responsibility for the sake of ongoing and sustainable growth.