Intel IoT Solution Aggregator: The New Era of IoT Market and Ecosystem

SYNNEX, an Intel IoT Solution Aggregator, will leverage our ecosystem partners to offer aggregated, end-to-end, ready-to-deploy IoT solutions with best-of-breed components, and providing the services to customers with a complete range of solutions. With this new business model, “Vertical Applications, in terms of IoT Solutions”, SYNNEX is building the global sales platform and channel and providing our partners the leading-edge IoT equipment and technologies.


SYNNEX core competencies

  • Help ODM partners to create more business opportunity by selling through SYNNEX global channel and indirectly increase ODM’s demand of CPU and IC components.
  • Providing ingredient and solution materials to solution builders.
  • Through Synnex global channel network to scale up the deployment of IOT solution.


SYNNEX Intel IoT Solution Aggregator group

  • Synnex Indonesia / PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

Synnex Metrodata Indonesia as an Intel IOT Solution Aggregator play a strategic role as the largest IT distributor in Indonesia with more than 40 years’ experience, over 90 vendors, and coverage of more than 150 cities in Indonesia.

  • Synnex Thailand

Thailand market is aware that IoT Solution will become the new trend. Most of the vertical sectors are looking for the best solution to solve impact from Technology Disruption. In 2019, Synnex Thailand started to play an important part in Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator. By educating Internal Teams and external SI Partners, to learn more about the solutions by following Intel® RRK and MRS as a case-study.

  • Synnex Vietnam / FPT Corporation

Synnex FPT adds value to its ecosystem and partners by actively deploying in new areas such as cloud services, solution business services and will continue to enhance the application and promotion of IoT. With the government urging organizations and businesses to use IoT to improve the quality of life and focus on Business Type Conversion, Security, Cloud and Smart Cities.

  • Synnex CN
  • Synnex Australia
  • Synnex New Zealand
  • Synnex India / Synnex Business Media Pvt. Ltd
  • Synnex USA / U.S. Distribution - SYNNEX Corporation


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