Automatic Storage
and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Currently, the Company has 19 branch offices located nationwide. All branches are connected with online computer system via Wide Area Network (WAN), with advanced VDO Conference System that allow long-distance meeting. In 2007, the Company purchased Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) from Daifuku, a leading Japanese ASRS Company. ASRS is an automatic warehouse manage system, utilizing “Robot Arm” technology and is totally computerized. The Company invested 170 million baht in the ASRS system, which consists of the construction of warehouse building, machines and software. Currently, the Company is developing a Warehouse Management System to be integrated to the ASRS and the Global Management System.

The advantages of the ASRS System in terms of inventory management are as followed:

The ASRS System will receive and stock-in the inventory very quickly and accurately, resulting in shorter operation time and man hour. The System will also analyze the moving pace of each merchandise, fast-moving merchandise will be located in easily-accessible location.

The ASRS System will also prevent merchandise damages as the system will calculate the size of the merchandises in relation to the size of stock shelves which prevent oversize shelving and help organizing stocking on shelves. The System also has an automatic temperature and humidity control function, a solid security system to prevent damages and robbery. Once an order has been placed by product manager, the ASRS system will prioritize the collecting and dispatching of merchandise from the warehouse, using First In First Out (FIFO). This allows the Company to manage merchandise ageing as well as warehouse space, as the system will dispatch merchandise from the least-stocked pallet first.

The ASRS System is, additionally, very accurate in terms of stock taking, which is a very important features as the Company carries a massive list of stock. The system will do an automatic stock count daily to record the day’s movement and will conduct a monthly warehouse stock take. Moreover, the System can also perform stock count by brand and by stock code. The daily stock count allows the Global Management System to be able to calculate Inventory/Sales-Out ratio more accurately. As a result, the product managers are able to perform a timely merchandising management, including effective procurement and reducing lead time.