Message from the Board of Directors

          In 2017, the Information and Technology industry in Thailand received much interest from all market sectors. The growth rate in importing computers and computer components continued to increase. One key factor was the growth of urbanized society and the consumer’s behavior in being open to accepting ongoing fast-paced technological changes, together with the trend in the business sector’s increasing investments in IT infrastructure together with policies in promoting the internet’s infrastructure; as well as  the Government sector’s policies with regards to Thailand 4.0 that focus on driving the overall economic development through the use of technology and on achieving a Value-based Economy. As such, it cannot be denied that all these factors then resulted in technology and IT equipment becoming important tools for driving business growth in the digital era.

          With regards to the Company’s operating performance for 2017, Synnex’s businesses grew beyond set targets in terms of Total Sales Revenues and Total Net Profit. Total Sales Revenues from products and services was Baht 32,426 million, an increase Baht 8,603 million, or 36.11%; and Total Net Profit was Baht 624 million, an increase of Baht 217 million, or 53.30%. The key factors in achieving these increased performance results was the growth in all product groups together with more effective internal operations management, that resulted in overall operational expenses being equal to only 2.49% of Total Revenues. Thus, the operating performance results of the Company for 2017 succeeded in achieving positive results beyond the set targets.

          For 2018, Synnex is prepared to grow in a sustainable manner in its 30th year of business operations, through determining strategies that correspond to key established target in being a comprehensive and value- added IT distributor in Thailand. This will be achieved by focusing on increasing its overall business competitiveness, proactively driving business growth, and increasing its market share in all product groups; together with enhancing its Products Portfolio with new technologies by carefully screening and selecting quality products, so that the overall results will be positive and popular with the consumers - such as: gaming products and Lifestyle Gadgets. We will also expand into the IoT Vertical and Cloud products markets, that offer high growth opportunities that correspond with the changing consumer behaviors and preferences in the new digital era. Additionally, the Company plans to drive continuing growth of our business activities in the Indochina markets/countries, to add an E-Commerce sales channel so as to enhance access to that respective group of customers, together with making further improvements to the website so that customers will be able to more easily and conveniently access information on our products and services offerings.

          In this era of “Everything as a service”, Synnex is committed to developing its sales services activities to achieve Service Excellence, through providing a comprehensive range of services; such as: Call Center Synnex Care 1251 that is connected to over 70 business partners throughout the country, together with a application that allows customers themselves to directly make appointments or to directly track the status of repairs services. As such, these service strengths are important factors in making consumers fully confident to buy products under the “Trusted by Synnex” corporate brand for the past 30 years. In 2018, Synnex is still fully committed to developing its comprehensive range of Total Solutions Service, through deploying Certified Engineers, who are well-experienced and possess the specialist knowledge. Further, we will implement a services strategy that is customer-centric, together with developing a customers’ data base for use in analyzing and formulating plans to further develop our services offerings that will achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

          Additionally, the Company will still continue to conduct its businesses in accordance with established plans to grow the overall business on a sustainable basis, together with continuing to take care of society and the environment. As such, in 2017, the Company undertook many social projects; such as: Chang Nok Krob project at Sakonnakhon Technical College and Wiang Sa Vocational College, Surathani, in which over 120 students and professors participated. These are ongoing projects aimed at developing the skills of local technical vocational students in repairing electronic equipment, that will then create jobs and income for these local people, as well as at creating close cooperation corresponding to the Pracha Rat program. 

          The Board of Directors would like to thank all Stakeholder groups, who have joined in supporting as well as in having confidence and trust in the Company. The Board would also like to assure you that the Board of Directors, the Management, and Staff are all fully committed to devote all our abilities in undertaking our operational mission, so as to result in maximum benefits for all involved parties on a sustainable basis.     


          (Supant Mongkolsuthree)                                 (Sutida Mongkolsuthree)
                     Chairman                                                  Chief Executive Officer