Apply for dealership
Dealer application form
1. Dealer Application Form (4 pages)
2. Copy of Vat Registration Certificate (P.P.01) or Copy of Vat Certificate (P.P.20) or Copy of Vat Change Request form (P.P. 09)
3. Copy of Identification Card of authority person
4. Copy of Census Registration of authority person
5. Copy of Tax Identification card
6. Office’s map and Shipping address map
7. Copy of Company Affidavit or Business Registration Certificate (not over 3 months)
8. Copy of Trade Registration Certificate
9. Copy of latest 3 months bank statement
10. Copy of Memorandum of Association
11. Copy of Shareholders list of the company
12. Copy of latest financial statement
13. Office’s location photo
14. Other documents in relation
All documents 1 – 14 items must be certify copy and imprint with a company stamp
For foreign dealerships must have a passport and working permit (6 months), both of them must certify copy and imprint with a company stamp
16. Trading Guarantee Facility (50,000 baht at least) Letter of Guarantee
*Remark : Guarantee fee can be refund when the dealers notify cancelable to be our agent and must not be in debts burden, and must be our dealer at least 1 year.
*Remark : The items 15 and 16 must be inscribe with handwriting by the contractor only.
17. Register Service Checking and Price List / Service Delivery via Internet System
Mailing Regulation (Do not accepted by fax)
1. Bangkok and surrounding province, please send all documents to Sales Administration Department by mail. The sample as below :
2. Up-country, Please send all documents to Sales Administration Department by mail / or send direct to our branch office.
The sample of address’s caption
To: Sales Administration Department (Apply for a dealer)
Address: 433 Sukontasawat Road, Khwang/Khet Lardprao, Bangkok 10230
Other inquiring for more information, please contact :
Sales Administration Department 0-2553-8888 Ext.8122 , 8124, 8125